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My passion is ridding motorcycles. This is a passion that my wife, Kevlyn, and I have shared for over 22 years. We have ridden motorcycles all over this great country of ours. And I have not found a more pleasant place to ride than the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. The roads are well tended, the residents are motorcycle friendly, and there is and almost endless supply of unridden twisty ribbons of asphalt.

The Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas have some of the best motorcycling roads this country has to offer. Push Mountain Road is one of its finest examples.

Push Mountain Road

If you have never heard of it, let me introduce you to Push Mountain Road. A destination every self-respecting motorcyclist should experience at least once. Much like East Tennessee's "Deals Gap", Colorado's "Million Dollar High Way" or the Texas Hill Country's "Holy Trinity" it should be on your short list of rides that MUST be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Hopefully many more...

Push Mountain Road is a "diamond in the rough" that has had little exposure on the internet. Explore this section to find out more about Push Mountain Road and discover what it has to offer.

Riding the Ozarks

There are plenty of other great motorcycle destinations in the Ozarks Mountains. Some of them are documented here.

Our Home

We enjoyed riding in the Ozark Mountains so much we decided build a home there. In this section we cronicle our search for the perfect spot. And then the construction of our new home on Push Mountain Road.

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